Jewelry design, beauty, and the spirit?

Jewelry design. Beauty. The spirit. How do these three concepts fit together in one blog?

This is a conflict that I had to resolve before I could write my first post. To be honest, initially my concept for this blog was more of a felt sense or an intuition than an actual mapped-out idea. I did not have words for what I wanted to write about as much as I felt a flicker of emotions and images pass through my spirit. And as I found words to express what I could feel emerging from within me, the critical part of my mind turned on and said, “‘Jewelry design and the spirit?? Are you serious?. Isn’t fashion design a little superficial, rather materialistic, and therefore not “of the spirit” by its very nature?”

Well, Critical-Jess, it turns out the answer is “no.” While the materialism that drives much of our culture and the international fashion industry is not soothing to the soul, the creativity and art behind this industry is an expression that comes directly from the spirit. I know this to be true because of my own experience as an artist, a writer–a creative being. The act of creation brings us closer to our created world and–whether we call it a god or a goddess, Allah, Brahma, God, Yahweh, Science, chi, the universe, or sheer happenstance–to our creator. Each time we create something, we are engaging in creation, imitating the creative acts of the natural world. And that action fuels our spirits, reminds us of who we are and who we can become, and brings us a little closer to understanding the meaning of life.

Right now, for me, that creative expression comes out in the art form of jewelry making as well as though writing. This blog will be dedicated to finding the beauty in art, especially wearable art, and discussing how this art can bring us together, touch our hearts, and make a lasting impact on our spirits.

To start things off, check out this beautiful little piece, a charm bracelet by One Heart Jewelry of Colorado Springs that is a celebration and a symbol of interfaith harmony.

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